Hello, my name is Peter, and I have been making herbal ointments since July 2002. I have met all sorts of people of all walks of life, and I have offered them my herbal ointments and I have seen some amazing results. It all began in 2002 when I bought a jar of herbal ointment from Health Generation in Geelong for my mother as she had suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hips, legs, knees and ankles. My mother liked the herbal ointment so much that when she ran out she had sent me to the shop to buy some more. When I got to the shop I found that I couldn't buy it anymore as the maker had gone out of business.

I decided to talk to a friend of mine who was a chemist, and after a few trials and errors we got the recipe right. I had the chemist make my herbal ointments for two years and then I had taken over the manufacture.

I have sold my herbal ointments to many people directly at markets and I had offered them free trials of my herbal ointments. I had also assisted them in massaging my herbal ointments into their problem areas. The results I had found to be quite amazing, and I have recorded each case accurately for future references. Now I am offering you the opportunity to try my herbal ointments as I know that the benefits that they can bring to you can be quite immense and amazing. All of you are covered by my 100% money back guarantee if you feel that my herbal ointments are not for you.

ZARSHA - Herbal Ointment


Testimonial by Mr Joe Ranellone of Ascotvale, Victoria, highly recommending ZARSHA Herbal Ointment after 7 years.

ZARSHA Herbal Ointment. 100gram jars. "ORDER HERE" at $30.00 (Aust) per jar. You can pay with PayPal or use a Credit/Debit card. "BUY NOW". .

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